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I wanted to create a brand of guitars suitable for use in the worship of the Church. There are  three key factors that Christian musicians have to wrestle with when making decisions over their gear: cost, quality, and tone.


I wanted to produce an affordable guitar, one that the average Sunday musician could own and simultaneously not feel guilty about using an instrument that cost more than they'd tithed that year! I'm not interested in making lots of profit, and make only enough to keep this venture sustainable.


At the same time, I refuse to sacrifice on quality. We have squeezed every ounce of performance out of our guitars, down to the type of wiring we use. Everything put on the guitar is weighed up, performance against cost, in order to fit the parts that give you the most sound quality for your money. This is why the spec of our guitars, rivals that of instruments costing over three times as much.


Finally, as much as some may think our guitars look great, I know that there is really only one  thing you're interested in: the tone. If I couldn't make a guitar that sounded amazing, I wouldn't have bothered. With such a wide range of sounds used in different elements of modern worship music, I think you'll find the Telematic offers what you're looking for. Whether it's Gospel, Rock or intercessory worship, you will not need another guitar.


My goal is to provide a beautiful instrument, fit for purpose, that sounds $2000 better than what you paid for it. If you are a musician in a church, please use the contact page and ask about services for the Church. Equally if you wouldn't identify as a Christian yourself, I hope that we can still bless you with one of our instruments.


I built my first guitar when I was 16 during my summer break! Since then I've gained something of a bug for rebuilding, modifying and restoring guitars. I quickly learned that it costs dramatically less than the shop price to produce a guitar, and that the 'big names' are largely just that - names. So why spend hundreds of pounds on a brand name? Why not create my own and save people hundreds more?


I have a BA in Theology and my full time job is teaching Religious Studies in a state secondary school. I've been a Christian for 20 years and am one of the worship leaders at King's Church London.


The guitars are branded with this word because it reminds us that it was upon the cross of Calvary, our sins were atoned for; it is the reason we sing.

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